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Businesses spend billions of dollars every year on consultants to promote creativity and innovation in REACTION to changing market conditions and the competition. At ImagineIt, we believe you are expending valuable resources for an asset you already pay for. CLICK HERE to learn how ImagineIt can unleash the creative potential of your management and workforce to PROACTIVELY identify and respond to opportunities every day.

Imagine a more perfect world,
and then engage in making it happen.

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Unleash the creative talent you're already paying for!
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ImagineIt offers grade appropriate programs for
students from elementary school through college.
The in-class instruction and assignments provide an
engaging learning environment through which
students proactively search for knowledge and
explore their passions. CLICK HERE to learn how
"ImagineIt in the Classroom" focuses on building in-
house capacity through which teachers and
administrators encourage and facilitate creative
thinking and activity.
Build engaging learning environments!

What People Are Saying about ImagineIt

"I think ImagineIt leads you to take a deep breath and wonder how we can change the world, hopefully for the better."

-Dean Kamen, Founder, DEKA Research

"ImagineIt is the possibility to invent the new. The new that may be enabling for us, that may be innovative, that may transform the entire conversation about who we are as individuals, or as a culture, or as a planet."

-James Canton, Author, The Extreme Future

"Imagine it! is an extraordinary project that highlights the passion that our young generation has towards solving the grand challenges of our future."

-Ray O. Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, Lockheed Martin

"This is a very powerful initiative."

-Benjamin Zander, conductor, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and the New England Youth Philharmonic Orchestra

"Imagine it comes back to the blank slate, the blank piece of paper and say what are you going to do with this? Are you going to make a paper airplane? Are you going to put a little doodle on it? Are you going to look beyond yourself? Are you going to look out in to the stars? Are you going to try and finds something that's unexpected and new."

-Drew Endy, Assistant Professor of Bio-engineering, Stanford University

ImagineIt is about developing that curiosity within our kids, it's giving them something that they may look at and think is pretty normal, pretty common and it has just a typical use and trying to get them to see it in a different light, to see it in a new way and to find excitement in their discovery of ways to do it."

-Carol Engelman, Einstein Fellow, National Science Foundation

"Wow! I am speechless. This ImagineIt concept is truly a rocket ship with the fuse lit to describe what teachers should be doing with their students."

-Anita Slevin, Middle School Teacher, New Jersey

"Dr. Kayne has not forgotten about the hopefulness of the inner-child, nor has he forgotten the power of creative thinking, He opened the SIPA Conference in Washington, DC with insight overlooked by many. It was a speech that touched me, rekindled the passions I often misplace and bestowed hope and wonder to an audience of special interest publishers."

-Chris Sturk, Mequoda Group

"It has been incredible to take a class that had few boundaries, which pushed me beyond what I expected of myself in terms of creativity."

-"Imagination and Entrepreneurship" Student Evaluation, Fall 2011

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Ignite creativity through hands-on learning!
Put your creativity to the test. The ImagineIt Creativity Challenge is the perfect way to both teach and practice creative thinking skills. Creativity isnít just about coming up with ideas; itís about coming up with ideas that have value.

The challenge? What if we gave you a common household object, and we challenged you to add value to it. What ideas would you have? What would you do to add value? Give it a try!  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Creativity Challenge
Tap into your creative inner-child and see the difference at work, in school or in your life!

Starting NOW!

The ImagineIt Project is pleased to announce the release of its new eBook titled Imagine It!: Rediscovering Your Creative Inner-Child. While covering ImagineIt's philosophy and approach to exploiting one's innate creative potential, the eBook contains numerous exercises, assignments and references. To learn more about the book (including a free sample download) CLICK HERE.

Dr. Kayne's Imagine it! changed the course of my life- it is a new way to live in today's world. I am confident that anyone who reads this book will see their lives change as well! Happy reading!

Tyler Miller, Master of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education